RMP Chelsea Pensioners

RMP Chelsea PensionersWith so many hand made smiles cards being made for the Royal Military police in Afghanistan there were some that we delivered to the RMP Chelsea Pensioners.  Michael Allen has shown us lots more smiles from these ladies and gentlemen having received their cards.  Thank you again to Sav for personally delivering these.


Update from Afghanistan

We’ve had some “official” news back from Afghanistan, there’s a couple of photos showing the RMP in Afghanistan having received their cards.  For security reasons we won’t show the photo’s on this website but they do show the men and ladies of the Royal Military Police with the box of cards with huge smiles on their faces.

in Hannah’s words when she first saw the photos “Mummy they are smiling… Mummy we did it!”

Well done to everyone who has made a card, you have put a smile on the faces of the soldiers who are away from home in Afghanistan for christmas.   Thank you to everyone involved in getting the cards over to Afghanistan.

Card Update

We’ve had an update that the RAF managed to get the hand made smiles cards into Afghanistan for 4am on Christmas morning.  Thanks guys, amazing job.

Media update

There has been a lot of publicity for Hand Made Smiles in the press and on the radio.  There are links to the articles and radio shows (listen again) on the Contacts/Links page.

More links will be added soon after broadcast or print.

I will try to get permanent links to the audio files added over the next few days, before listen again expires.


On their way

hannah and sav and em and boxThe cards are on their way to Afghanistan.  Sav from the RMP came to meet Hannah and collect the box full of hand made smiles.  He is currently driving them all the way to Brize Norton himself so that they can get onto an aeroplane to Afghanistan tomorrow.

Handing over the cards
Handing to Flight Crew with Flt Lt Sarah Edgington.

Handing to Flight Crew with Flt Lt Sarah Edgington.


Delivering the Cards

Children… The Royal Military Police are so impressed with all of your hardwork that a real Royal Military Policeman called Sav is going to collect your cards from Hand Made Smiles HQ tomorrow at about 2pm, he will then drive them all the way to a special army airport called Brize Norton. Then…

They will be put on an aeroplane and flown all the way to the Army headquarters in Afghanistan where they will be collected by another amazing Royal Military Policeman and handed out to all of the Royal Military Police men and women in Afghanistan

Children you have done an amazing job and everyone is so very proud of you… you have put smiles on the face of all the Royal Military Police in Afghanistan this Christmas

Cards Update

Hand made christmas cards produced by the children of Royston and surrounding area are still coming in.  The current total is 232, which is enough to send a hand made smile to every member of the RMP who will be away from home in Afghanistan over the christmas period.

Facebook Request

Jayne Bratton
In need of children…. lots of children!!

My dad was a Royal Military Policeman (in the army). Hannah would like to send a handmade-by-children card to every one of the 189 military policemen in afganistan… A couple of weeks ago she contacted (by herself) the Royal Military Police Headquarters who have said if she gets cards to headquarters they will get them to afganistan during the christmas period. They will also add a soldiers name to each of the cards to ensure they are personal

Hannah will write a letter to explain why she is doing what she is doing which they will print and add a copy to each of the cards…

Hannah needs many children’s help to make some cards. She herself is making snowman cards but the card can be of any design.

She is also having a stand at the Greneway School Fayre on Wednesday but she won’t get anywhere near 189

Please can you spare a few minutes to start your children off making a handmade card and help her let the soldiers in afgan know that we really are thinking of them. Please also feel free to allow your child to write their name inside and if you are comfortable with it then to add your contact details as the officer at headquarters said some of the soldiers will probably want to say thank you

Please feel free to share…
15 December at 20:07 ·